Club Caramel’s Kiran Chaudhry Performs in London (Pictures & Video)


Club Caramel‘s lead singer Kiran Chaudhry performs live in London along with famous artists from London and Lahore. With Jamal Rehman, Amir Haider, Hassan Mohyeddin and Adeel Shaqullah among them, it was a packed house with this young and talented music star who is rising to fame with her band Club Caramel. A singer/Songwriter and actor by profession, she’s also modeled for Fahad Hussayn’s latest Watan collection. You can also check out the cover she did of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep which was a part of Overload‘s Live at the Apartment series. Check out her live performance from the London event where she covers Boom Boom by Nazia Hassan and sings another track “Fever”.


Kiran Chaudhry’s Live Performance in London (Pictures & Video)


Boom Boom (Nazia Hassan Cover)

Fever by Kiran Chaudhry

Artist : Kiran Chaudhry

Official Band Member : Club Caramel

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