[Download Audio] Junoon – Chand Sitara (Rough Version)


Junoon - Chand Sitara (Download Audio)

The last time Shoaib Mansoor penned lyrics for a Junoon song was Dil Dil Pakistan ! The anthem of Pakistan today, he’s penned one more song for Junoon, A milli Naghma, titled Chand Sitara, for the 20th Anniversary Album of Junoon which is expected to release on 30th September 2011. No Ali Azmat in Junoon is the big factor that leads to the disappointment for all the Junoonis around. What we have here is the rough unmastered version of this latest track, already been played on the radios for promotional activity. In these times what we need is an anthem which can spark that same Junoon in us again and expose our unity to everyone. This is Salman Ahmed‘s Junoon with Brian O Connell and lyrics written by Shoaib Mansoor. Check the song out !

Track : Chand Sitara (Rough Version)

Band : Junoon

Lyrics : Shoaib Mansoor

Download Audio

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