[Blog] Give peace a chance: Ali Zafar

As the world shrinks, thoughts are expanding. So are the means to share them. The Facebook or Youtube share button is perhaps our best friend. Complete dependence on privately owned media reduces, but complete exploitation of personally owned on line media may take a little more time, although it certainly seems to be the thing of now and more so in future.

Private artists may not need to beg, plead or pay channels to air their content in order for it to be noticed. Perceptions are changing. People have a way of connecting with each other and share each others point of views with a click of a button.

This opportunity to exchange opinions and listen to each others on a mass level is a beautiful,irreversible and unstoppable process and  probably the best thing to have happened to our generation in this century so far. Today, everybody is a National Ambassador. Some use the power well, some are still entrenched in indoctrinations. Nonetheless, the songs that should mean more to us than before are “Let love rule” and “Give peace a chance”.

I feel our generation does not want to waste time in hatred and hostility. We want to move on. We want to share more good stuff than just good music. Let us.



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