Karavan’s Final Goodbye

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Pakistans one of the most talented rock band has said their final goodbyes to their fans today. They were togther for 15 years and surely Pakistans music industry is going to miss them a lot. Their music is always going to stay in our hearts and I’m sure no one is ever going to forget them. They were one of the best rock bands in Pakistani music industry.
Viewscraze and all the fans, wish best of luck to all the team memebers of Karavan.

Karavans message to their beloved fans:

‘Farewell Karavan (1997 – 2011)

To all the fans,

”After 15 years of rocking you, with Rakh Aas all the way till Saara Jahan last year, we feel the time has come to say goodbye. The reasons are many but in a nutshell i think all of us want to do our own thing musically, domestically and otherwise. We are all grateful for your support and hope you will remember us because we will never forget you!”

Keep on Rockin’

Asad Ahmed
Alan Smith
Sameer Ahmed
Tanseer Daar,

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