Lakhany Magic Voil Summer Collection 2011 | Mid Summer Lawn Prints by Lakhani

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Magic Voil Summer Collection 2011 by Lakhany Silk Mills

A fabric that is woven with such tender care & dyed in the adorable shades of nature adds elegance and magnificence to this world. Lakhany Silk Mills is a manufacturer of such fabulous fabrics, fabrics that speak of unparalleled quality & unmatched comfort. Lakhany Silk Mills are one of the leading textile industries of Pakistan. With their vision of setting high standards in quality and unmatched fashion appeal. Earlier in the year Lakhany came out with two summer lawn collections Lakhany Summer Collection 2011 & Lakhany Komal Summer Collection 2011. In the mid of summer the Textile industry is back with Lakhany Magic Voil Summer Collection 2011. The collection includes the elegant yet classy pieces with a lot of details spend on embroidery and printing. With model Ayyan as the Brand Ambassador, here’s the complete magic Voil Summer Collection for 2011 by Lakhany Silk Mills.


Lakhany Magic Voil Summer Collection 2011


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