Levi’s Presents – Bilal Khan feat. Zoe Viccaji – Anjaane (Music Video)

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Bilal Khan Feat. Zoe Viccaji - Anjaane - download audio

A duet by Zoe Viccaji and Bilal Khan, “Anjaane” by Strings. Levi’s Originals Inspire is all about moving forward with this music industry. The Levi’s Originals are Strings and Zoe Viccaji & Bilal Khan are two upcoming talented musicians. Check out the video for this cover by Bilal Khan & Zoe Viccaji.


Bilal Khan Feat. Zoe Viccaji – Anjaane | Levi’s The Originals Inspire

Track : Anjaane

Artist : Bilal Khan Feat. Zoe Viccaji

Directed By : Adnan Malik

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