[Audio/Video Review] Faiza Mujahid – Meri Zindagi


By Bilal AnsariFaiza Mujahid - Meri Zindagi

Faiza Mujahid‘s breakthrough was the song “Bandeya” OST of hit Pakistani movie “Khuda Ke Liye”. But here, what’s supposed to be her debut music video, “Meri Zindagi” records the sound of aggravation or frustration dwelling among a woman and bringing a positive change with hopes, desires and motivation.

Meri Zindagi is powerful, thought provoking and some might think the lyrics being too common or mushy, its potent with its meanings & message. “No one has the Guts to Stop her!”

The amount of female musicians in Pakistani music industry have increased since the last decade significantly, but Faiza Mujahid here brings a new change, Fresh and out of the book. It speaks of the majority of women to live the life as they want.

I liked the song, for once I listened to it. It has that feel of Pakistani rock attached to it. Her vocals are strong & suit the genre. Had to get more into details of the lyrics to understand the real meaning. And the video, well I liked the overall theme. All girl band with Punkish emo style, singing on a trailer site. Its the change im talking about. Though didn’t got much positiveness about the Video from my mates. One used the terms like “Freshie”, another one with “Wannabe”, “Sunday Bazaar Jacket” and more like that. I asked them to grow up and enjoy the change. Haters gonna cry and cry, theres no stopping. But same is the case with faiza. There’s no stopping to her either. Right now she needs to see the positivity and carry on with the road shes on. It sure would be the road to success. Dont change Faiza, Keep rocking, keep this genre, and make haters cry.

Check Faiza Mujahid – Meri Zindagi (Official Music Video) Here

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