Noori’s big Surprise – Band Reunion



The Big Surprise ! Noori declared that 6th may concert at Karachi would record a history and to be true History is repeated. The guys have a reunion, the whole old and original lineup is back united and playing tonight on the same platform. This has got to be the most pleasant news to come out from Pakistan in what, lets say, after the world cup performance of our team. No doubt we loved Noori when they first performed in Karachi. Tonight they are going to rock the whole city with even more energy for sure. 

For this spectacular moment the official statement of the band is ” Believe it or not, in the midst of all this chaos and disintegration, there is an instance of reformation and reconciliation. Sounds cheesy doesn’t it? But it’s true as hell!

As of this moment, noori officially stands reunited to it’s original four-man line up; as it was at the launch of their debut album, Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan. Ali Noor and Ali Hamza on Vocals and Guitars, Mohammad Ali Jafri on Bass and Louis John Pinto II a.k.a Gumby on Drums. This is one of those rare moments in music history where all the dispersed original band-members get back together, and no doubt it must be celebrated!!!!”

There are not many disbanded bands, who have such close relations between them, even after all the misunderstandings, personal affairs & grudges. Noori stands on top not only for what they have achieved but the true artist approach they show towards their fans and vast audience.

Well believe it or not, We will celebrate. We love Noori. We love the Original lineup. We love their music. Now we love the reunion more then Mona Lisa Smiling.

They Are BACK !!

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