[Download Audio] Lahu – Dam Mast Qalandar

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Track : Dam Mast Qalandar

Band : Lahu

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Courtesy Wes Malik – CityFm89


Lahu is around for years. Well In and out offcourse. This band used to be one of my favourites i remember when the underground acts were becoming popular and popular day by day in the mid 2000’s. Track Daira, one of the first track by this band, that made me the instant fan. So it was like two days ago, I switched on radio accidently and guess what, I heard a kickass version of Dam Mast Qalandar Ever ! As soon as the song ended and Wes Malik’s The Drive thru on CityFm 89 resumed I got to know whose Dam Mast Qalandar Version was that. LAHU is back and its exciting to hear they plan to release an album InshaAllah this Year. They also did a cover of Vital Signs “Subha” their own way. And man i’ld love to listen to that cover again and again once i get my hands on it.

You have to listen to this song, Atleast once, You are bound to love it !

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