Gold Inspired Look

    Gold Inspired Look- Sleek Molten Metal

Hello readers, I’m a new blogger at Viewscraze and my name is Maddi. I’ll be posting on how to do make up and other make up and fashion related stuff here. I already have Youtube channel, you can check my channel out, it’s posted down below. Just to start my blogging, I’ll be posting small taster of what I will be doing here. so keep on reading and supporting us.

Gold Inspired Look

Golden eye make up with 'SLEEK Molten'

Step 1: First I applied a nude shade on my eye lid. Which helps the make to stay for much longer.

Step 2: On the corner of my eyes i applied brown shade and take it in to the crease area of your eye

Step 3: On the brow bone i applied white high light colour

Step 4: After that I applied SLEEK Molten Metal on my lid only.

Step 5: To complete my eye look, I applied eye liner and mascara and some falsies.

Heres the link to my channel : Maddi’s Channel

Thank You for reading:). If you have any request please do comment below.

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