[Official Video] Strings – Mein Tou Dekhoonga


Strings Video Stills mein tou dekhoonga


Track : Mein Tou Dekhoonga

Band : Strings

Lyrics : Bilal Maqsood

Director : Jami

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3 thoughts on “[Official Video] Strings – Mein Tou Dekhoonga

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    Strings have always done it differently…. & this time is no different….
    This brilliant song somehow turned my thoughts to another brilliant patriotic ghazal Hum Dekhenge by The Great Faiz Ahmed Faiz, brilliantly presented by Iqbal Bano…..
    Both have in common “The Ray Of Hope” for us the common Pakistani people who have suffered and lived through all the miseries in the hope of a better tomorrow….
    Which shall arrive very soon………Insha-Allah

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