Slip In and Slip Out – Daaman Collection for INSTEP mag


Ready to wear was never this good! Daaman has been providing a great solution to woman in Karachi hoping to avoid wrath of their tailors. Affordable shirts in the latest styles are the reason that this store has become a haven for women that don’t have time on their side.

Selection of pants can be found too plus shirts are available with or without sleeves. Just because it’s ready to wear doesn’t mean sizes are limited either. You’ll find eastern Kameezes and Western style Tunics in a variety of juicy colours.

The people of Lahore can finally rejoice when Daaman opens its doors on the 8th April. Find them on Facebook or

Source: Instep Magazine

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  1. this is my first time to visit this site and i really find it very help full about the fashion, hope taht you will keep it up and will share more a slike this

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