What is life for you?


What is life for you?

There are 100s of reasons which people can give what life is for them. Some people might think life is about gaining power so they could rule the world or for some who think that life is about hard working so they could feed themselves and their families. It’s one of the hardest questions to ask because you never know what you can expect from others. It can be very difficult sometime to answer this question, for example if someone just randomly pops this question to you, you are likely to say money is your life, or the person you love is your life or even some might say their parents and family, however when you go into deep than you will ask yourself many times to understand what life is for you.

This world is so huge but at the same it can be a small world where you meet people from around the world and life is connected with people around us, our family and ours friends or the people we work with or study. Some time we don’t realise what life is doing to us as now life is a race itself.

Life is made out of everything we are now in my opinion, because your present is your life right now. The people around you, your friends, your family and the power you have gained are life for you.
Many might say their life is money or power but it can’t be in my opinion they can be the aspect of what life is for you but not everything.

So my question is to your readers, what is life for you?


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