Uth Records – Usman Riaz Featuring Ali Noor (Episode 3)


Ufone Uth Records - Usman Riaz ft Ali Noor


After Introducing us to the talents of “Jumbo Jutt” & “Yasir & Jawad” in the first two episodes of Ufone Uth Records, the third artist is “Usman Riaz.” This Karachi based talented 20 year old musician is a Vocalist and percussive guitarist also inspired by Piano. The song he is going to perform at Uth Records is “Hum Tum” which he says never been performed before. For guidance he is assisted by Ali Noor from Noori which is going to be splendid featuring with this talent of Usman riaz. This is a strong combination of these two and this episode is awsome & follows the league of the previous ones. Watching Gumby & Ali Noor Together again is always a pleasure.

Directed by Zeeshan Parwez, Uth Records episode three went on AIR on 04th March. Here’s the complete Episode No. 3 of Uth Records – Usman Riaz Featuring Ali Noor.



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