Uth Records – Jumbo Jutt (Episode 1)


Ufone Uth Records

Uth Records is a televised Music platform created for the Uth by Ufone. Recently they asked for the collection of demos of the future musicians and stars so that the unknowns can come to the limelight and polish their talents without having to suffer through various stages of the battle in the shadows. The music Producers team consists of “Omran Shafique” & “Gumby” and the show is directed by “Zeeshan Perwez”.

The Episode 1 of Uth Records Involves Karachi based Band “Jumbo Jutt.” A rock band that tells everything about itself in the episode. “Faraz Anwar” is a special guest invited to help enhance the song. The 1st Episode is right here. Do check it guys since this is something really Awesome for the Music Lovers after the Sensational Quality production of Coke Studio !

Uth Records – Episode 1 – Jumbo Jutt (Part 1)

Uth Records – Episode 1 – Jumbo Jutt (Part 2)

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