[Download Audio] Adnan Zafar – Aik Din

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Adnan Zafar started his musical career while he was doing his bachelors in Telecom Engineering. He also made a band with the name A2, but now he is working as a Solo Artist. He has a very deep voice, with his Strong Vocal Abilities to move the crowd. He has won many competitions including (NUST IDOL 2009), (APCOMS IDOL 2010) in his college and University years. He has been working on his songs and compositions, since long time.

Track : AIK DIN

Album : Hulchul

Lyrics & Composition by : Adnan Zafar

Music Mixing & Mastering by : Jonathan Jones

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Hum Hain Yahaan
Jana hai kahaan…
Kya Ghazab Faaslay
Kya hain ye dooriyaaa

Mushkilain Hain Bohat
Raastay Hain Kathin
Chor Daingay Jahaan
Beet Jayengay Din

Paa Laingay Manzil Aik Din
Aik Din…. Aik Din…
Paa Laingay Manzil Aik Din
Aik Din….Aik Din…

Dil Ko Apnay Hai Samjhana
Ghum Ko Hai Ye Batlana

Humnay Hai Jaanaa
Aagay Hai Jaaanaaaa

Rishtooon ko Choor kay
Waaday Sub Tor kay
Chal Diye Hum Kahaaaan
Manzilooon Ki Dishaaaaaaaaaa …

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