Finally Pakistani film star Saima agrees to do side roles

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Pakistani film actress Saima

Pakistani film actress Saima finally agreed to do side roles such as ‘a mother’ or ‘a married woman’ in Pakistani films.

The bubbly actress said, “After doing hundreds of different roles as heroin, I feel I should also open myself for other characters.”

However, the actress also added, “I’m still admired by thousands of people as an heroin, I will definitely do other roles ‘when the time will come’
Well, we feel the time has already come! You are retired to woo ‘Gujjars’ with your dancing and acting skills! Its time you should opt for some decent roles or quit your job!

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4 thoughts on “Finally Pakistani film star Saima agrees to do side roles

  1. Saima is great Pakistani film actress and she will always be honest with Lollywood. Pakistani actress Saima is very talented…

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