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“How our artists have evolved” is ViewsCraze series which will be covering and discussing the ‘Big Guns’ of our Pakistani music industry, how they have evolved since they first started their career in the music industry and how their image have changed. Every now and then we will be covering different artists and bands.
The episode 1 is all about
“Hadiqa Kiani.”

How our artists have evolved | Hadiqa Kiyani

Raaz Album Cover

Raaz Album Cover

Hadiqa was considered as one major female vocalist just when she started. Although she carried the tag of “Nazia Hassan Imitator” when her debut album “Raaz” came out. The album did well considering the days were of Junoon on the peak, Vital Signs album “Hum Tum” doing record business and being a female vocalist in those days was something not heard or expected of. She was pinned as the second female pop singer in industry after legendary Nazia Hassan.

Appearence wise Hadiqa Kiani appeared on our screens with a innocent and typical Pakistani girl look with her long hair and a very fresh face. Hadiqa Kiani’s make up was very natural, she wore very less make up on the eyes and but she had beautiful bold lips. But since the beginning her fashion sense was quite noticeable.

With the release of her second album titled “Roshni” hadiqa pushed the imitator tag aside. Critics and

Hadiqa Kiyani Early days

Hadiqa Kiyani Early days

fans realised how much talent this lady got. She sang songs in Punjabi not just Urdu. Bohey Barian from Hadiqa’s album Roshni was huge hit, which gave her popularity all over Pakistan. The matrix inspired video of “Dupatta” became an ever popular song of Pakistan. Thats the stage she reached the peak of her fame. Hadiqa’s image changed a bit but not dramatically, she wore more make up on the eyes than the lips, Hadiqa kept her lips very natural and smooth, which gave her very natural look.

In 2002 Hadiqa kiani was a well known artist in Pakistan, which gave Hadiqa the opportunity to experiment, that’s what Hadiqa Kiyani did. Her 3rd album was mixture of eastern instruments as well as western, Yaad Sajan from the third album rung is a great example where Hadiqa used the Sindhi regional accent, with a mix of different Raags and western instruments. Although it didnt went as big as “Bohay Barian” or “Dupatta” but still managed to make headlines. The album sales however got stalled as she faced family crisis and eventually divorce was finalised in early 2003. Thats when she took a break and came back with a new single from album “Ranjhan.” In 2004 she received the Best Female singer award from Indus Music. The videos like “Mahi”, “Dholan”, “Jogi ban ke aan” showed she kept getting better and better. Infact “Jogi ban ke Aan” was the highest budget video of 2003 and “Mahi” won the best video award. A UK based Magazine declared Kiani as the 22nd greatest music maker of South Asia out of Top 50, also mentioning on how she raised the standard of music videos in the country. When Hadiqa released her third album, She also changed her look a lot compare to her 1st album Hadiqa dyed her hair dark and she wore western clothes as her third album was more influenced from western music.

Hadiqa Kiyani

Hadiqa performed in China

After her 3rd album Hadiqa took a Break from making  new albums until 2007 however she particpated in many differnt ceremonies and concerts internationally for Pakistan. Hadiqa performed in China on 21st Feb, 2006 for the 55th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Pakistan and the People’s Republic of China. This dinner and show was also attended by the General Pervaiz Musharraf and the 2nd Prime minster of China. It has to be some acheivement and rightly so she earned Tamgha-e-Imtiaz by the Pakistani Government in 2006. By 2005 Hadiqa Kianis image was changed totally she had long but curly hair with blonde highlights, she looked more like a woman then a girl still she was stunning as ever however Hadiqa’s wardrobe let her down at times.

She changed her style again in 2006 with her hair very short compare to before and she added few high lights to her new hairstyle as well as that her hair were dark but she looked very pretty. Thats when she collaborated with Khiza to produce a hit “Mehr Ma” that got popularity not just in Pakistan but internationally. It is quite noticeable she got matured after her third album release. Now she was an Icon both as a singer and as a model. Got alot of exposure in commercials Ads and was signed by some big firms.

Hadiqa with her son Nad-e-Ali

With her son Nad-e-Ali

In 2007 Hadiqa Kiani released a whole album featuring ONLY English songs with the Great Amir Zaki. They both were a great team even though the album was not a huge hit but still it showed a different side of Hadiqa Kiani. Even in this album Hadiqa changed her look She dyed her hair light brown once again and she wore natural make up which gave her a very bright and beautiful glow. Speaking about the music in the album Hadiqa states “Some of my fans loved it and there were those who thought I was going through an identity crisis. Starting from ‘Jeevan’ to Aasman, maybe I am going through an identity crisis, I feel that as a human being it’s all part of our journey to discover. Music is something you need to explore.” Yes the market was limited as the album was in english so the criticism was due. Kiani was named “Hotstepper of the week” for a Karachi-based magazine. The magazine also stated that ultimately, as long as Kiani is around, there is still hope for women in the patriarchal music world of Pakistan.

Aasman is so far the last album released by Hadiqa, released in 2010. In this album Hadiqa sang in various languages for example Pashto, Punjabi,Urdu and also Sindhi. Personally I believe that this album is very experimenting and youthful.
In this Album Hadiqa Kiani gave a very differnt image of herself, she seemed very creative for example Tuk Tuk’s video where she looked like a typical Rajestani Indian girl on other hand in Sohnya she gave an amazing and beautiful image of herself. Inspite of Being 37 years old, she looks much prettier and fresh then ever.

Overall Hadiqa kiani is a very talented and beautiful woman. She has sung in many different languages not just Pakistani regional languages as well as International e.g. Turkish, English and Chinese. This shows that Hadiqa is a god gifted artist with a beautiful talent, of course with her looks shes one of the most beautiful lady in Pakistan and a great role model for all the young girls who want to be in the Music industry. The career would shine for long thats for sure. We are sure alot of plans would be under her sleeves to acheive targeted goals. Her next album is scheduled for February 2011. We wish her best of what she wants to acheive. I would leave you with the gallery to show this beautiful lady’s career from the very early days till today.

Covered By : Aqsa Shehzadi

Edited by: Bilal Ansari

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