Interview with Abrar ul Hassan (Video Director)


Interview with Abrar ul Hassan

Abrar ul Hassan is a renowned name in the Pakistani Media. Known especially for directing popular TV commercials and Music Videos. He has worked with the top most mainstream artists of Pakistan like Shafqat Amanat Ali, Ali haider, Shiraz Uppal, Sajjad Ali, Roxen, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Many more. Currently, he is working as a Senior Producer in Samaa TV for a top-rating weekly series “Mutassareen” which illustrates his idea of reviving human sentiments in the face of terrorism. ViewsCraze had an interesting session to peak into his ideas and views alongwith the questions about life as a video director. Here’s the Transcript of the Interview.

ViewsCraze : Please introduce yourself in short to those who dont knw you or familiar with you?
Abrar ul Hassan: I am a graduate in design from NCA (National College of Arts Lahore), I graduated in 2004, I have been associated with the Media Industry since 2001. Has been involved in; directing Ads and music videos, developing concepts and producing documentaries for public and private sector, packaging and designing campaigns for tv channels.
ViewsCraze : How did you start your career as a video director? How the interest developed?
Abrar ul Hassan : When I was studying in NCA, I have joined this filmmamking Society “THE END”, and that where I have decided to keep this activity as a career after college.
ViewsCraze : Tell us about your first ever video? How did it go?
Abrar ul Hassan : Ali haider’s Shaaman pe gaiyan was my first ever assignment. I was in NCA second year. Me and my team worked hard and in details on that one. It was our first time so we needed to be perfect. Went to karachi for the editing purpose and it went quite well. The video turned out to be a good one. Ali approved it after watching it first time. This gave us the boost and the hunger for more assignments. I knew i can survive as a director since i enjoyed alot working on the video.
ViewsCraze : What does it take to make a hit video? A good song or a good video?
Abrar ul Hassan : My personal view is that its very rare that a song or video would be hit due to video. Song has to be good. An average video can make a song hit and a bad video can ruin a good song but the song survives more. Its important that song should be good and meaningful so the whole package be a hit.
ViewsCraze : whilst making videos and commercials, what do you keep in mind the most? The glamour? The celebrities? The brand or The target market?
Abrar ul Hassan: The clients brief and a target audience.
ViewsCraze : As a video/commercial director what difficulty do you face while making commercials?
Abrar ul Hassan: Low Budgets ☺
ViewsCraze : Your favourite music director ?
Abrar ul Hassan : Ahsan Rahim…
ViewsCraze : Whos your favorite people in the industry, who you really enjoy working with?
Abrar ul Hassan: Everyone I work with… as I feel each and every one is equally important and playing vital role for the project I am doing, from my spot boy to the Executive Producer
ViewsCraze : How was your experience while working with Pakistans’ one of the most famous singer Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan or even Raga Boys?
Abrar ul Hassan: Shafqat Bhai, he is one of the best people I came across, he listen to you and he really give u freedom.
Raaga Boys, i still love the video I did for raga boys and they also loved it, it’s a complete image transformation for them.
ViewsCraze : Do you think its ok for Pakistani artists to work in india?
Abrar ul Hassan: Ya, why not…
ViewsCraze : If you ever get the opportunity to India or you get a offer. Would you accept the offer?
Abrar ul Hassan: Depends… time will lead me to any sort of decision cant say anything rite now.
ViewsCraze : what is your most memorable moment whilie working on sets?
Abrar ul Hassan: The day I start working on 35mm.
ViewsCraze : What is your most embarssing moment while directing videos?
Abrar ul Hassan: Roxen “Pyaar” the video was not the way we shot, 2 35mm Film Cans damaged and we all have to suffer in the end.
ViewsCraze : What is your opinion on Pakistans’ state?Anything you would like to do for Pakistan in future e.g. working with some charity or join politics ?
Abrar ul Hassan: I think I have already started working for Pakistan, and people of Pakistan.
If u visit my website and blog you will be informed on all upcoming ventures of mine.
Politics is not going to save us for at least next 20 years; all we need to do is to create individuals.
ViewsCraze : Do you think being a video director is enough to bread your family in Pakistan?
Abrar ul Hassan: NOOOOO…
ViewsCraze : What kind of music do you like to listen in your spare time?
Abrar ul Hassan: Any nice music.
ViewsCraze : What is world in your Opinion?
Abrar ul Hassan: A great Visual Experience.
ViewsCraze : A message for the readers, your fans and Viewscraze’s Members please?
Abrar ul Hassan: Love Pakistan, Be Pakistan.

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  1. hey i liked it….btw ur interviews let us know abt ppl like abrar ul hasan….i watched sum of his vdo’s rite now and found thm good.:)
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  2. wohooo thats big …i wonder why they dont come on screen much..anyways thanks views craze for promoting hidden talents and the ppl who are contributing behind the camera

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