Fashion Don’ts For Fall 2010


These are several seasonal style mistakes; you’re bound to fall into this fall. Read on to know how to avoid them and this fall, say No to.

Drab Colored Sweaters

The palette of bold, deep shades of red, purple and green are not just for warmer weather for they are now teaming up with the neutrals of fall. Dark and grey hues that people usually keep for fall is a big NO NO this fall.

Designer’s Sweatpants

Designer’s Sweatpants are among the latest trends of fall 2010, but call us crazy or what for we recommend you to stick to khakis and chords for they are more comfy and chic this fall. Well you don’t want to follow every crazy fashion trend and just keep these sweatpants to gym.

Shapeless Coats

Coats are the season’s most easily observable offense. Bulky insulation and overgrown hemlines only make you look hefty homeless wonderer. This fall the best alternative is shearling-lined jackets that are cut close to the body and cropped at the waist.

Pointy boots

Forget about those pointy boots that are pointy enough to poke an eye out. Footwear trends this fall are beginning to return back to classy round edge look for they are better then ever.

Citrus scents

The ambiance in fall is all filled with delicious aroma of oranges so it would be a good choice to stay away from citrus scents this fall for you don’t want to overload yourself with citrus. This fall switch to firmer fragrance. Instead of flavoring a five mile radius with the sultry scent, try a more refined yet equally long lasting blend with base notes of earthy vetiver.

Light-wash Jeans

Light wash jeans are not for this fall, for the darker, quieter days of fall, medium and midnight blues would be the perfect choice to harmonize with the season.

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