An Interview With Tausif Ali Khan

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Tausif Ali Khan is the eleventh generation in an un-broken lineage of world renowned vocalists. He basically is a Classical-based singer and renders khyal, thumri, kafi, folk and ghazals by putting his idiosyncratic touch in them which gives them a unique flavour. He also renders the musical genres which are in rage these days with equal ease. had a frank conversation about his career, music views and his future projects. Heres the transcript of the questions and his confident answers.
* ViewsCraze : First of all Thank you for giving your precious time to And give your introduction please to those who still are unfamiliar to you.
Tausif ali Khan : Well, Tausif ali khan is one upcoming singer who belongs to Gwalior gharana. The Gwalior gharana is the same gharana where Mian Taan Sen also belonged. Im the 11th generation in that family.

* ViewsCraze : Who taught you the art of singing and music?
Tausif ali Khan : My uncle the illustrious Ustad Fateh ALi khan gwaliori, the one who has been recently bestowed by Sitara-e-imtiaz by the Govt: of Pakistan.

* ViewsCraze : Tell us about the starting of your career. At what age you actually started singing?
Tausif ali Khan : Just when I was child the environment in our house was like Music 24/7 because my grand father Ustad Wazir Ali Khan and chachu etc used to do Riaz and practices together. When I couldnt even speak properly from then I started singing Then I used to partcipate in the competitions for National anthem in school.

* ViewsCraze : Your cover track Mainee got a lot of recognition. It is quite different rather being slow its soulful alongwith good hard rock beats. How you came up with that?
Tausif ali Khan : Actually I loved this song. Basically it is a kafi by a famous sufi saint poet Hazrat Shah Hussain(r.a). I wanted to sing it in the same way as Mr.Bela had but then I thought I should change it a bit, So I fused my own style into it to make it a distinct work of art.

* ViewsCraze : Have you ever thought of making/joining a band? or you always wanted to be a solo artist?
Tausif ali Khan : Yeah I formed a band with my elder brother but then he got a job and had to quit his musical practices. Then I had to move on as a solo and here I m a solo.

* ViewsCraze : Tell us about your current projects?
Tausif ali Khan : I am working on my debut album with some very talented musicians and producers like Adnan Daud khan(saraab) and DJ Yawar.

* ViewsCraze : What genres you like singing in the most ?
Tausif ali Khan : Kafi, ghazal, pop, rock Mostly.

* ViewsCraze : You write your songs by your own ?
Tausif ali Khan : Basically the Album is sufi styled album but I have written a few songs and a few songs are penned by Talha jahanzeb, Adnan Daud khan and AP shaikh.

* ViewsCraze : And what is the name of your Album? When could it be released ? Any Record label Approached you yet ?
Tausif ali Khan : The name of the album isnt decided as yet but its tracks are ready to be showcased. We still are on table for a deal with the label But I am sure it wont take much time. By the end of october or start of november is so far I expect the album to appear and  Yes the video will be on channels in october 2010 ,InshahAllah.

* ViewsCraze : The best song you think so far from your album and close to your heart?
Tausif ali Khan : That track actually is based on Baba Bulley shah’s poetry “Dil lag gai be parwah de nal”. It is very close to my heart coz it actually was sung by my grandfather Ustad Manzoor Ali khan. And when I was doing it myself, I had too much pressure on me to try to maintain the quality of that song and now it is upto my audience how they like it.

* ViewsCraze : Any offer from across the border?
Tausif ali Khan : Yeah but cant share the details.

* ViewsCraze : As the current situation of Pakistan is How any underground or unknown artist can survive or how hard it is to go through to the mainstream ?
Tausif ali Khan : It actually depends on how hard you work. You need bring blood out of stone and then leave the rest on God Almighty. If you have worked hard on your album then it will not take much time for you to get into the mainstream.

* ViewsCraze : Once there was a pattern in our industry that album should have atleast one national song, which would help the album to suceed better? Do you have any national songs in your album?
Tausif ali Khan : Nope. There isnt anything like that anymore. But I will love to sing one. I love my country. And we desperately need a few new National Songs.

* ViewsCraze : Are you a cricket fan? what do you think of the latest controversies in the team?
Tausif ali Khan : Ghazab ka shauk hai. First of all, we arent sure if they are invloved or not. If they are then they should be punished or the ones who tramped them. Also its the most favourite game of this nation and we must care for its transparency and quality so that our youth shouldnt move away from it or lose its interest.

[ started getting late .. early stages of the morning but the questions werent ending. We dint wanted him to loose his voice coz of us so wrapped it up quickly ]

* ViewsCraze : People you want to THANK?
Tausif ali Khan : Yeah sure. First of all Im thankful to my God Almighty.= for everything that he has given me. Then m thankful to you And m thankful to my family, freinds and fans for supporting and loving me. ANd in the end I would say a big thanks to my best freind Aleena shaikh for helping me out in the time of need.  Thank You very much and you guys doing a great job. Keep it up. It wasnt that hard of a interview isnt it ?

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