[Movie Review] The Expendables (2010)

Bang Bang Everybody’s Dead
*May contain spoilers*

The most awaited movie of the year, The expendables, with a powerful lineup of the best action heroes of the past and present, this flick really was a powerbomb. Action, guns, blades, bombs, and bloody mess. This movie got everything. All it lacked was a plot which i think really disappoints. With a cast as powerfull as this it would have been hard to fit in all the aces. Story line is quite predictable and imaginable. But Hey ! the action is endless. Sylvester Stallone is 64 but looks way better than any 64 year I seen.
Its just a straight-forward action movie that wont make u leave ur seat at any instance. The main focus of movie are Stallone and Jason Statham, like two old partners in business. The scene most wanted was the cameo from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce willis & sylvester stallone. Idea was to sound funny i guess. Pull each others legs and the threat in the end by Willis was a good roundup. Dialogues could have been better. Actually they had to be better. These are the favourite action heros who should have given us some new lines to chant about.
Villians Steve Austin and Roberts justified to the role. I wished jet Li had more role to play even though he did got few fights and the whinning of his size among the group, would have been nice to see his sort of action.
All in all a great flick for action lovers. A treat for those who love to see guns blazing, Bloods spraying and mission succeeding. I give it 8.5/10. Its a movie to watch and be Entertained. Bring On Expendables 2 !!
By Bilal Ansari.

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