PERVEZ MUSHARAF and Angelina Jolie will do a telethon on CNN


Pakistan EX-PRESIDENT GEN(R) PERVEZ MUSHARRAF who just did a live telethon on Dunya News and raised 20Crores Rs for flood victims on behalf of his PERVEZ MUSHARAF foundation.And on that very telethon he announces that he is going to do another telethon on CNN show called “LARRY KING LIVE” with celebrities like ANGELINA JOLIE and others

ViewsCraze team wishes him very best of luck hope he will use all the money in correct manner

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3 thoughts on “PERVEZ MUSHARAF and Angelina Jolie will do a telethon on CNN

  1. Bravo Gen. Musharraf; hats off!!!! A true son of Pakistan.
    While our current band of politicians are busy looting the already looted poor people of Pakistan, this great man is out there trying help his ungrateful Nation.

  2. Every Pakistani should stand to fight against this calamity just as japanis and germen nations stood after world war and in a few time they are standing among the developed countries. but………………..with courage and honesty…………………work work and work. fight fight and fight against corruption it is only one deseas which is dignosed but still not treated………..

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