Jehangir Aziz Hayat – Pretend To Be (Review)


Jehangir Aziz Hayat – Pretend To Be

Pretend to be is a beautiful song, everything is perfect from Jehangir’s grunge vocals to the composition of the song to the awesome lyrics. It really brings out Jehangirs vocals out, the quality of the song is superb. It’s one of the best song released by Jehangir so far. The song is so unforgettable and catchy, Zeeshan Parvez , the director and Jahangir make a great team. Just watching and listening to the song you will be able to see that. Inside thoughts of Jehangir’s mind were beautifully crafted into this video which makes the whole song unforgettable.
The video of this song should also tell other directors everything is possible if you have a great team and your passionate.\

Aqsa S.

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