WE are Living dead souls

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I am totally numb. To be honest today is the day i feel ashamed of what i am, Ashamed of being a human, ashamed of being a PAKISTANI. Why our ancestors fought for our homeland? Do we even had any ideology behind creating a separate nation? What i learned from my history books and Pakistan studies classes is that Hindus and Muslims were a separate nation. They had major differences hence Pakistan was the need for Muslims to enjoy their religious beliefs and perform the righteous Islamic acts with freedom. Hence the ideology for mapping this nation on the globe was ISLAM. But forget being a Muslim, today we are the worse form of human beings living on this planet.
Quaid-e-Azam, I feel your dream of a great nation would only remain a dream. What faith you had in us how higher you saw us, achieving our goals. Today we find ourselves deteriorated from all sides possible. Natural disasters breaking the backbone of economy, leaving millions under open sky & shattering their dreams with thousands losing everything or everyone they loved. The terrorism spread like an incurable disease all over the country. No ones life is safe just as the life isn’t worth a penny.
Quaid-e-Azam, In today’s Pakistan you wont find Pakistanis. We are classified as Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis, Pathans, Muhajirs & the list is long. We can hold our heads high with pride when we are recognized through our race than our identity of being a Pakistani. This distribution in race and sects of different thoughts has just increased the distance of common people between each other. Then we see the corrupt and illiterate politicians and bureaucrats running the system to their own will. Their acts alone leave us disheartened about the future.
But the only hope, or the faith we had was a revolution to turn things around. A tide that rushes through and takes out the impurities and our broken system for a fresh start. But oh dear! The hopes have vanished and completely discarded. The ones who were supposed to bring the revolution, the ones who were the pillars of this nation are now hungry savages ruthless sick inhumane munafiqs SO called Muslims. The ideology is forgotten, the meaning of Pakistan is forgotten, the Values Of Ashraful Makhlokaat are Completely Lost.
The incident of Ruthless and barbaric Crime in Sialkot has lightened the fear of coming back of stone age and dimmed the ray of hope that existed among few for decades. The hearts are stoned and we are living at the lowest level of humanity if it even exists.
I don’t think i can sleep today after watching such horrifying acts. The society is lost with their morals and ethics. Pakistanis are dying in bulks everyday but such animals as we are its just a way ALLAH SWT is wiping us off to purify the world as our deeds portray how much Muslim we really are. We are the living Dead Souls.( We are Dead as humans)
Pakistan Ka ALLAH HAFIZ!!


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