Today I was just watching the TV I realised one thing, as Pakistanis, not just those who live in Pakistan but also us a lot who live abroad, we have lost the patriotism and the true reason why Pakistan was created. We don’t know anymore if Pakistan is Islamic republic or a peaceful country, I feel like we are forgetting the point of our country why it was made, it just makes me feel like our Quaid and our great grandparents shouldn’t have suffered for us because we don’t deserve a independent nation, we or us Pakistanis lost our path. We just want to think of ourselves and we are too selfish. We are so cruel, we see so many ruthless things happening around us, kids are being abused sexually, innocent people are being killed everyday or the other day we face suicide bombers but we want to pretend nothing is happening.
Something else which is really sad is, our youth don’t know what to do, we are so lost, I think the name of this blog is just how all of us feel we don’t know anything for sure and we are so confused about our views because mostly our views are based on from our family statuses or we are following our leaders blindly without having our own opinions.The fact that we are moving away from our culture is what annoys me.East and West are different like two fingers. They cant be of the same size and cant be combined. Copying the west is our failure to acknowledge our own culture.
I think we need to look again at ourselves and try to remember why our great grand parents suffered for us? we need to remember Pakistan was made a separate nation so we could perform our religion freely or we could think freely.
Us youth need to stop looking at our politicians and stop being selfish thinking more about our country because if we don’t have Pakistan we will lose our identity

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