Money Buys Everything


Let me familiarize you with some more confusing thoughts. You heard the phrase “patience is virtue”. How many times you waited for something, or something to happen but it never did ? Patience hardly ever worked for me. Therefore the phrase “patience is virtue” is a total bullshit. I tell you why. Every time I would think of getting something I would wait regardless whether I’m in the position to get it or not. If I am in no position of get it then that’s understandable. However, If I am indeed in the position to get it I would still wait thinking if it’s worth the money, or this might be a passing desire which probably will die down, or may be it would be better to get it a few days after lets wait and think it through, you know, so on and so forth. You are only going to get so many chances. When you have the chance, grab it. Think once, twice, thrice and if you feel its worth it, go for it without pushing it aside and say to yourself, “lets be patient here, I will get it later” because most likely you will end up not having it done eventually just like me.

Another funny thing I hear from people that “money can’t buy everything”, and when you ask them what money can’t buy, the immediate and obvious answer is love. Someone tell me, is love a service ? or a thing ? Hell, Love is a feeling and money DOES NOT have to buy it because it shouldn’t be up for sale first place MORON. You can only buy a thing or a service that has a value in terms of money. Love, faith, emotion these are priceless, meaning hypothetically lets say you are talking about pricing a feeling such as love, you are messing with units. Its like doing length in terms of kilograms instead of kilometers. You see ? You should evaluate love in terms of other feelings or love itself. You can only show love in return of love. Affection in return affection.That’s how it works. Human feelings and emotion is a total different game ball people. For the rest of the material and non material services, money indeed buys everything.

”Dont be shocked if hard work doesn’t pay off, i can find you a quote that says life isn’t always fair” – Myself. This is a quote by me that will hopefully become famous one day ( I am trying to make it famous too). Once you are through to seeing the funny side of it, it really has a underline meaning, and that is, don’t let sayings, views and other shit to confuse you. Believe what you experience. People will always going to talk about what they have experienced in life, their point of views will be inclined to one way or the other. Yet, You might have a different experience, and you need to realize it to reach a conclusion.


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