How to look young and glowing in 5 SIMPLE STEPS.


How to look young and glowing in 5 SIMPLE STEPS.

As we all want to make sure we have a glowing skin and we look youthful sometime we forget the very important things in life which naturally helps us look good and beautiful.

1.Express less

Express less doesn’t mean don’t express your emotions for others or don’t tell your loved ones you love them, however for young and glowy look it is very important that your heart is happy, your not upset and you are not always angry and expressing anger towards others. This is the reason to ALWAYS make sure you are less stressed and your not expressing anything which will make you upset.

2. Sleep proper e.g. take naps

It is very important to sleep well because lack of sleep can cause puffy eyes and dark circles as well as that lack of sleep can stress you even more which will cause not inner happiness.

3. Drinks lots of water

To look youthful, beautiful and glow-full it is very important for us to drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses of water because human body are just like plants they need water to keep healthy and fresh.

4. No smoke/alcohol

I am not going into details what smoking/alcohol causes to our body as we all know what smoking does to us e.g. lung cancer, bad breath and heart attacks however if you want to look young it is very important for you to stop smoking and drinking alcohol because it takes away the youth from you as well as that natural glow we humans have.

5. Keep away from the Sunlight

This is very important for all of us, men or women to keep away from the sun. Even if you are in the sun make sure before you leave your house you apply sun lotion otherwise you age faster , also Sunlight triggers the body to make its own vitamin D, which is crucial not only for strong bones and healthy teeth, but for keeping the immune system healthy too. So if you want to look all glow-yy and youthful then you will have to apply sun lotion before you leave your house.

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